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Best Bottega Veneta Lido sandals dupe on sale

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Last Updated on June 16, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Vince Camuto Brelaine sandals are one of my favorite Vince Camuto heels sandals here’s why

Bottega Veneta Lido sandals are still in style but if you don’t want to fork out there’s lots of luxe for less dupes like the Vince Camuto sandals which have been on my radar for a while. So when I saw the Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals on sale at Nordstrom Rack I scooped them up. Yes, I’m a little late to the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals aesthetic but I wasn’t loving square toes. I also thought the virally successful intrecciato Lido mules would go out of style as fast as they came in but here we are! They might no longer be the ‘it’ shoe but at this point I think it’s fair to call them a classic. Helped by the fact that the 90’s aesthetic is still going, keeping these shoes on trend. I had a few pairs of pointed and round toe iterations but these Bottega Veneta heels dupe were too cute and affordable to pass up. As well as being the best quality leather Bottega Veneta Lido sandals dupe I’ve seen. So I wanted to share these Vince Camuto heels sandals with you to see if they’re actually as good as they seem to be!

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fashion blogger bottega veneta inspired heels

Why are Vince Camuto sandals a good Bottega Veneta dupe

Both heeled sandals are from Italian designers and made of high-quality leather. They have the pretty leather woven upper, square toe and same height tapered heel which make them so similar and why people often refer to the Vince Camuto sandals as the best Bottega Veneta sandals dupe (not fake) with a much lower price tag. Especially if you scoop them up on sale like I did. I also found the real Lido mules on sale too (keep scrolling)!

vince camuto brelanie sandals bone sale
Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals – color ‘bone’ heels on sale
bottega veneta lido mules sale
Bottega Veneta Lido mules on sale | Photo FWRD

Splurge or save on Bottega Veneta Sandals? Here’s how they compare:

vince camuto sandals braided leather heel

Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals

The Vince Camuto Brelanie Braided Strap Sandals come in 7 different colors in Nordstrom Rack including gold suede sandals, brown, green, black leather and bone which is the color I have or 14 different colors on Amazon but they’re more expensive on there. I find the 6.5 fit like a dream, both length and width wise as I slide forward and out over the ends of a lot of open toe sandals. I now want them in more colors!

best bottega veneta dupe heel sandals

Our shoes are made with high-quality leathers, like hand-antiqued cow-crust leather. It’s hand-finished to rich, warm tones by artisans and develops a beautiful patina with age.

Vince Camuto

Bottega Veneta sandals

The Bottega Veneta Lido mules come in either the flat sandals version or 9cm/3.5” high heel mule version in over 15 colors in various materials from leather to denim or raffia. Read the full Bottega Veneta shoes review.

Vince Camuto Sandals VS Bottega Veneta Sandals

Why the Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals are such a good alternative and Bottega Veneta shoes dupe:

Vince Camuto Brelanie SandalsBottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Lido Mules
Heel: 9 cm | 3.5″Heel: 9 cm | 3.5″
Upper: 100% leather upper. Outsole: 100% synthetic leather nappa.100% Lambskin. Rubber-injected leather outsole.
Price: $99. On sale at Nordstrom Rack $23.98 – $31.98.Price $1500
Made in: Italy, Brazil or ChinaMade in: Italy
Vince Camuto VS Bottega Veneta sandals comparison

At first glance you’d be mistaken for thinking the Vince Camuto heel sandals were the real deal. They’re that good of a Bottega Veneta sandals dupe. It’s only when you look closely and feel them you’ll notice the differences.

braided heel mules cream womens shoe trends

For example the bone color Vince Camuto sandals I have are very similar to the optic white or bandage shade of the Lido mules. They’re just slightly off, with more of a cream undertone than the pink undertone of the bandage shade and less of a white than Bottega Veneta’s bone shade but darn close.

vince camuto sandals brelanie braided mules high heel sale

The heels are an exact match in height (9cm/3.5″) and have the same rubber heel caps. The leather uppers have literally the exact same dimension braided strap but you can feel the difference of the luxurious Bottega Veneta leather.

The insoles both obviously have their own brand name and the Vince Camuto sandals don’t have stitching that lead from the ball of the foot along the arches. Also, the woven pattern on the insole of the Vince Camuto sandals isn’t quite as deep.

The soles are also different too. Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals have more of a ridged rubber sole and their logo surrounded by stitching. Versus the unusual pattern on the Bottega Veneta sandals soles.

vince camuto sandals bottega veneta dupe shoes

Splurge on the real deal or save on the Bottega Veneta dupe?

So which are better? The real deal or the Bottega Veneta heels dupe? It really depends on budget and how much you care about craftsmanship and the quality of the leather. Bottega Veneta are known for their superior quality leather goods. Their Lido mules are handcrafted in Italy and the intrecciato weaving method can only be done standing. The method not only creates the pretty braided effect but also helps to reinforce soft materials like this leather for a more durable shoe. The leather is also rubber-injected for comfort. 

bottega veneta lido mule heel sandals white leather
Authentic Bottega Veneta white mules | FWRD

Versus Vince Camuto who are still a great quality Italian brand where you get a lot for your money. In fact the more I read about their craftsmanship and materials, the more impressed I am. They even have a VC Atelier Limited Edition collection. The Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals are made of high quality leather but one of the differences is that they haven’t been rubber injected. They’re made in either Italy, Brazil or China and hand-finished.

vince camuto sandals heel mules leather braided

Our experts source the finest leather, most sumptuous suede and original-design textiles to create styles that endure season after season. Atelier footwear is crafted of premium Italian leather tanned in time-honored tradition to yield rich, saturated colors. Unique finishes and artful embossing set our materials apart.

Vince Camuto

For the sake of saving nearly 90% of the designer sandals price and the fact Vince Camuto sandals are still great quality I’m sticking with Vince Camuto sandals for this particular style. Especially as I couldn’t ask for a better fit. Consider me impressed and a Vince Camuto convert.

vince camuto woven heel mules celebrity style
Mules on sale under $20 comes in more colors

Shop Vince Camuto and Bottega Veneta Sandals

If you want to pay for the Bottega Veneta sandals in monthly payments you can’t do so on BV’s website and also on FWRD who even have some authentic Bottega Veneta sandals on sale. Italist also has some really good authentic Bottega Veneta sandals on sale. Use code RF-220X-D9218D to be entered to win their $500 monthly giveaway.

The Vince Camuto Brelanie sandals are sold out on their website but I found these Bottega Veneta sandals dupes on sale in a few places. Some of them are available in more colors than shown so click on them for more options. If you don’t love any of these styles, check out these braided heel alternatives.



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