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Bottega Veneta shoes, mules & sandals | Viral style icon review & sale finds

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Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by Eve Dawes

An honest Bottega Veneta mules review | Bottega Veneta lido sandals made this designer Italian brand go viral here’s why

Bottega Veneta shoes, sandals and mules are the ones you probably most know as the braided woven flats and high heel mules. The Bottega Veneta Lido sandals were one of those viral shoe trends I thought would pass as quickly as it came but it’s earned it’s place as a style icon that’s here to stay or at least one of the many iterations of this ever evolving designer heel mule will do. Bottega Veneta sandals are still in style and one of those quiet luxury brands that doesn’t need labels to make their leather goods instantly recognizable. So if you’re a little late to the party it’s not too late to jump in but have a read of this Bottega Veneta mules review first to make sure they’re right for you. I wasn’t sure about the square toe on the intrecciato Lido mules to begin with but they’ve grown on me. More for the practicality than the aesthetic as my toes don’t fall out of them. They may look super cute and be a fashion trend but why is Bottega Veneta so expensive? Can it really justify the price tag? Let’s take an honest look in this Bottega Veneta mules review.

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bottega veneta shoes heel sandals neutral
Bottega Veneta The Rubber Lido Sandals ‘Cane Sugar’ leather mules

Are Bottega Veneta sandals still in style?

Bottega Veneta sandals are still very much in style. The woven mules were released back in 2019 for Bottega’s 2020 resort wear collection and they’re still a celebrity and stylist favorite for both their comfort, style and versatility. While they’re not as virally popular or the ‘it’ shoe this season they’re still in style. The puffy styles looks slightly dated but the leather or raffia are classics and the metallic pairs look fresh for 2024.

bottega veneta mules gold knot heel sandals
Bottega Veneta gold knot mule sandals | FWRD

The Bottega Veneta Lido mules first came onto the scene under Creative Director, Daniel Lee back in the luxury Italian brands 2020 Resort Collection in September 2019. It was pretty much an overnight success with its statement intrecciato (hand-braided) details and because the 90’s fashion trend is still going so are these heels.

bottega veneta sandals heel lido black
Bottega Veneta shoes Black leather mules on sale

Bottega Veneta mules review

The leather on these shoes is soft and supple, the heel isn’t too high and the squared footbed means less chance of your toes spilling off the ends or sides when your feet get hot. They’re also made from rubber-injected leather for extra comfort. So it’s easy to see why these shoes took off. Because once you put them on, you won’t want to take them off.

Another reason the Lido mules are so popular is because of how versatile they are and how easy they are to slip on and go. No fiddly buckles or straps to mess up your nails or worry about breaking. You can pretty much style them with everything from jeans or wide leg pants to suits, summer dresses, rompers and even cocktail dresses. The metallic silver, gold, pistachio or wisteria are perfect for a dressier, more glam look.

bottega veneta sandals metallic heel braided shoes
Bottega Veneta shoes: Metallic heels

Shopping platform Lyst even reported that the quilted version of the BV Lido had generated 27,000 monthly search-engine queries in the year’s third trimester.


About Bottega Veneta Shoes and Sandals

Bottega Veneta mules reviews tend to mention the quality a lot. Their heeled sandals are made in Italy from the highest quality leather. The Bottega Intrecciato leather mules AKA Lido flats and heeled mules have the iconic 100% lambskin leather woven upper, rubber-injected leather outsole, square toe and either come as flat sandals or a high heel. It’s the XXL woven strap that makes them so distinctive. The tapered heel is 9cm/3.5” which is such a great height for comfort. Well as comfortable as high heel mule sandals can be, without sacrificing style. 

bottega veneta shoes womens heel BV lido sandal
Bottega Veneta BV Lido sandals FWRD womens heels

The hardest part, besides parting with a wad of cash or putting a serious dent in your credit card is choosing from all of the different colors they come in. The Bottega Veneta Lido sandals alone come in over 15 colors! As well as the various materials from leather to denim or raffia. They each have their own use.

bottega veneta shoes heels raffia
Bottega Veneta raffia heels

The leather is great for a smart everyday look and dressing up a pair of jeans. The stunning and eye-catching metallic sandals are great for a glam night out. If you’re looking for a more casual style, the raffia sandals look beachy and resort wear ready and the denim are good for a casual everyday look or to rock the denim on denim look.

bottega veneta sandals lido heels white leather
The Lido white leather Bottega Veneta sandals

How much do Bottega Veneta shoes cost?

This high quality leather, Italian brand whose creative Director Daniel Lee has been pioneering cool new designs and concepts for the Bottega Veneta women’s and mens collections since he took over come with quite a hefty price tag. Bottega Veneta shoes and sandals vary in price by style. The heel Lido sandals are around $1500 but you can find some on sale (shared below). However, that’s not the only style they make. Their women’s shoes start at $600 for their resort sponge slides and go all the way up to $9500 for their woven leather Canalazzo Over-The-Knee Boot.

Why are Bottega Veneta shoes so expensive?

There’s a few reasons why Bottega Veneta is so expensive and it’s mainly due to the quality of the leather and highly skilled artisan hand craftsmanship. Bottega Veneta is known for their superior quality leather bags and shoes. The Bottega Veneta Lido mules like most of their shoes are handcrafted in Italy.

What makes the Lido mules so special is the intrecciato (hand-braided) weaving method which is time consuming and can only be done standing by skilled craftsmen. This method not only creates the pretty braided effect we’ve all come to love but also on a more practical level it helps to reinforce and strengthen soft materials like leather to make it a more durable shoe that will stand the test of time.

The leather is also rubber-injected for comfort which is why they’re such a popular high heel sandal for being able to walk around in during the day or party in all night. 

Available on sale Italist | FWRD

Bottega Veneta mules review | Are they worth it?

I like that Bottega Veneta shoes are logo free, use quality of the leather and highly skilled artisans. As well as being rubber-injected for comfort but they’re whether they’re worth the price tag or not is debatable. A lot of people obviously feel like Bottega Veneta sandals are worth it as they buy them but it’s all down to personal budget and how much you love them.

What does intrecciato mean?

You’ll notice a lot of the Bottega Veneta shoes say intrecciato in the product details on styles like the Lido flats and heels. Intrecciato means hand-braided in Italian and refers to the weaving technique of the leather.

Shop Bottega Veneta Sandals

If you want to pay for the Bottega Veneta sandals in monthly payments you can’t do it on Bottega Veneta’s website but FWRD offers monthly payments and even have some Bottega Veneta sandals on sale. Italist also has a really large selection of Bottega Veneta sandals on sale. Use code RF-220X-D9218D to be entered to win their $500 monthly giveaway.

If you don’t want to fork out for Bottega Veneta Lido sandals, check out the Vince Camuto Brelanie braided strap sandal which have a similar aesthetic and are on sale. Braided heels are still trending and there’s lots more options if you want to check out these woven strap heel alternatives.



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