pink versace shoes crystal slingback heel pumps

Pink Versace shoes review | Everything you need to know about the pretty crystal Versace safety pin heels

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Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Eve Dawes

These Versace heels might be the prettiest Versace sandals but are these crystal beauties worth it?

Pink Versace shoes started popping up everywhere last year when the pink color trend reached it’s peak. I’d had my eye on the Versace crystal safety pin slingback heels for a while but it wasn’t until I saw the sparkly crystal pink Versace sandals go on sale that I hit buy. If you read my other fashion blog Glamour and Gains you’ll know how much I love and wear Versace. I’ve had so many Versace heels and sandals in the past. Including strappy white and gold Medusa heel sandals and red satin pumps so how do these compare? Right now they’re front and centre of my closet shoe shelves and I wanted to get some mileage on them before writing this pink Versace heels review. They come in black, gold and and silver too if pink’s not for you.

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pink crystal versace slingback heel pumps

Versace slingback heel shoes review & My Versace heels collection rated

The pink Versace safety pin crystal embellished slingback pumps are the latest addition to my Versace shoe collection. The Versace Crystal Safety Pin Slingback Pumps were love at 1st sight but are they comfortable and were they worth it? Here’s a quick unboxing, try on and review.

Versace crystal slingback heel pumps review

Slingback heels are a massive shoe trend this year so I’m also sharing some ways to style them. I have a few pairs of Versace heels that I’ve worn to death, including some strappy sandals and stiletto pumps so here’s my thoughts on those too.

Versace shoe collection and crystal slingback pump review

How does sizing run in these pink Versace crystal slingback pumps

I ordered my regular size 37 in these pink Versace heels and find that they run true to size. Versace shoe sizing doesn’t tend to be that consistent in my opinion from style to style. I wear a 36 in their pumps and a 37 in their heeled sandals.

If you’re unsure about what size to order in this style, the slingback strap is adjustable so you can make them looser or tighter with that. I have my pink Versace shoes on the tightest hole so that they don’t slip off as it’s cold right now in Winter but that also gives me room to loosen the strap in the Summer.

pink versace shoes crystal slingback safety pin heel pumps

Are the pink Versace slingback heels comfortable

Honestly, the pink Versace sandals aren’t the comfiest heels in my closet. It’s not that they’re not comfortable in construction and the sole or too high. The heel height is 110mm/4.3″ which tends to be the heel height I wear the most. It’s that I find the slingback strap hard to keep on. If I do them up too tight my toes go numb, too loose and they slip off.

versace crystal safety pin pumps pink designer heels

So they’re definitely more cocktails and dinner shoes than trekking around the Vegas casinos or cities in. In saying that I’ll always put fashion over comfort so this isn’t a deal breaker for me. Especially when they’re this pretty!

pink versace 110mm heels crystal gold safety pin
110mm/4.3″ heel

How to style pink Versace shoes | Pink crystal safety pin heels outfit ideas

The Versace crystal safety pin heels are more versatile than you might think, especially if you don’t get them in pink. While pink’s pretty much a neutral to me as I have so much of it, the black or gold Medusa 95 heel pumps might be a more versatile option that you can get more wear out of.

Versace Gold crystal slingback pumps
Gold crystal Medusa 95 heels | Italist – use code RF-220X-D9218D for a chance to win $500 store credit

Style your pink Versace sandals with cocktail dresses, gowns, jeans, blazer and shorts coord sets, pant suits, a leather skirt and cami top. They add a glam touch to pretty much anything in your wardrobe perhaps besides your loungewear and swimwear.

how style crystal heels day jeans outfit

I’ll add lots more photos of these pink Versace shoes as soon as I’m up and about. I’m currently at home recovering from a couple of fainting spells where I did some trauma to my face and head.

versace safety pin slingback heel pumps pink crystal

Are the Versace safety pin slingback pumps worth it

These heels have quite a hefty price tag unless you can score them on sale. So you really have to love them to pay full price. Unless you know you’ll get a ton of wear out of them. Believe me, I’m planning on wearing mine a lot!

To get more wear out of them consider getting the matching bag. Whether that’s the crystal or plain leather bag. I know that’s an extra expense but it also means you can wear them with pretty much anything then as you’ve already tied the look together. I have the pink leather medusa bag which makes it easy to take these pink Versace high heel shoes from day to night.

pink versace shoes matching la medusa bag

Where to buy the Versace crystal safety pin heels

These shoes go on and off sale, in and out of stock so if you like them get them. The pink crystal Versace shoes are out of stock on Versace but I found them from a few other places. Along with the black, silver and gold crystal Versace safety pin heels and matching bags.



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