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Best Hermes Oran sandals dupe & 5 luxe for less alternatives

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Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Designer dupes | Hermes Oran Sandals VS Steve Madden Hoku VS Hadyn Sandals VS French Sole Alibi sandals | Are they worth $600+ more

Hermes sandals dupes are everywhere but 3 of the best and most popular dupes are the Steve Madden Hadyn slides, Steve Madden Hoku sandals and French Sole Alibi sandal. So how do these Hermes Oran sandals dupes stack up against the real deal? What’s the best Hermes sandals dupe? Let’s take a close look at the aesthetic, prices, comfort and sizing of both the real thing and the Hermes sandal dupes and see how they compare against each other. Is the Hermès oran sandal really worth over $600 more and do they justify the high price tag or is it better to just save your money? Here’s my take on both the cheaper styles, the designer shoes and some other Hermes sandals dupes and alternatives for this popular slip-on style from Steve Madden to French Sole.

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hermes sandals dupe steve madden white H leather slides
Steve Madden Hoku slides sold out – new similar Hadyn style

In this comparison review and hunt for the best Hermes sandals dupes I’m comparing 3 slide sandals to the original Hermes Oran sandals, all the with the H cut out:

  • French Sole Alibi sandal
  • Steve Madden Hadyn sandals
  • Steve Madden Hoku slide sandals
best hermes sandals dupe fashion editor haul

The original Hermes sandals dupe video

These were the first pair I came across and they were on sale! They’re a comfortable, affordable option but after filming this one, I kept looking…

Hermes sandals VS Hermes sandals dupes

The best Hermes sandals dupes | Final edition

After the first review video, I came across 2 more very similar H cut out slide sandals styles. They all have pros and cons and are good for different reasons. Here I explain why and how to find the best pair for you since we all have different feet shape and wants.

Iconic Hermes Oran sandals VS Steve Madden Hadyn VS Hoku VS French Sole Alibi Hermes Sandals Dupes

Steve Madden Hadyn and Hoku sandals (super similar styles) and French Sole Alibi sandals are known for being some of the best Hermes sandals dupes. To a lot of people who aren’t that familiar with the real ones the H shape leather upper on any of these 3 styles could easily be mistaken for the original Hermes oran sandal. Making them the perfect dupe at a much lower price point.

hermes sandals dupes steve madden
White H leather sandals sold out black version. I find they run a little wide

However, there are quite a few differences and don’t mistake these dupes for fakes. They’re not! They’re not pretending to be the iconic Hermes sandals and have the Steve Madden or French Sole name clearly on them.


Steve Madden Hoku leather flat slide sandals and Hadyn sandals both come in a smaller brown box made of recycled packaging versus the larger iconic orange Hermès box beautifully tied up with a bow. French Sole sandals come in a super cute leopard print shoe box.

Winner for looks: Hermes. Winner for eco-packaging: Steve Madden

hermes oran sandals review luxury fashion blogger

Which are more comfortable Hermes or Hermes sandals dupes

Steve Madden Hoku sandals have a much more padded and moulded sole. I find the white leather pair really comfortable, well cushioned and the leather is soft to start with. The sole is also a lot thicker and the rubber sole has grips.

hermes dupe steve madden slide sandals white
Steve Madden Hoku soles

Steve Madden Hadyn sandals aren’t quite as comfortable as the Hoku as they have a cushioned footbed versus a moulded one but I find the Hadyn slides more comfortable because they fit better. The Steve Madden Hadyn sandals soles are slightly more streamlined and more similar to Hermes.

Steve Madden Hadyn sandals white leather
Steve Madden Hadyn slide sandal

I find the lightly padded footbed on the French Sole Alibi Sandals more comfortable than the Hermes. I agree with the French Sole Alibi sandals reviews which tend to say that French Sole sandals are more comfortable from their 1st wear than the Hermès sandals. Mainly due to the lightly padded footbed VS Hermès sandals which is less padded and their calfskin leather needs breaking in.

French Sole Alibi sandals hermes dupe
French Sole Alibi sandals

Versus the Hermes Oran sandals which have less padding and a flat leather, slippery sole. The leather is also stiffer and will need a breaking-in period vs the Steve Madden Hoku sandals which are ready to wear.

Winner: French Sole

Do the Steve Madden Hoku, Hadyn sandals & Hermes sandals run true to size

I find both the Steve Madden, French Sole slides and the Hermes sandals run true to size. Although I find the Hoku dupes to run a little wide and the upper to be cut a little high so they don’t hug my feet as well as the real Hermes sandals.

hermes sandals dupes steve madden slides white leather

It’s weird as some reviews say to size up in both the Steve Madden Hadyn and Hoku leather flat slide sandals and others say to size down. I’d suggest ordering your normal size and then sizing down if you have narrow feet and up if you have wider feet and either trying them on in store or ordering from somewhere that offers free shipping and returns.

French Sole Alibi sandals pink leather

The French Sole Alibi sandals site and reviews recommend sizing up so I ordered both the 6.5 and the 7 but I find they run true to size. Measurements: Heel Height 1/2″ | Weight: 5 oz

Winner: Hermes

hermes oran sandals vs hermes sandals dupes


While Steve Madden and French Sole leather feels softer it’s actually Hermes that uses the superior leather. Hermes sandals are handmade using box calfskin leather which is known for it’s durability, they just need breaking in first. Steve Madden sandals are made in either the USA , Mexico, China or Brazil and French Alibi sandals are made in Brazil versus Hermes sandals which are made in Italy. The only downside is that some of the French Sole Alibi sandals reviews say that the leather peels after a while but because mine are new I can’t tell yet. In all honesty, they all feel good quality.

Winner: Hermes but you’re paying for it!

Price | Hermes Sandals VS Steve Madden Sandals Dupes

This is the biggest difference with over a whopping $600 between the real deal and the Hermès sandals dupes which is a fraction of the cost. Hermes sandals start at $700 and go up to over $1000 for the crystal styles versus the Steve Madden Hoku sandals which I got for $49 from Nordstrom Rack, the Hadyn slide sandals which are on sale for under $60 and French Sole Alibi Sandals which retail at $150. If you’re looking to save a lot of money and don’t care about brand names this is a no brainer.

Winner: Steve Madden Hadyn sandals and Steve Madden Hoku sandals.

steve madden hadyn sandals vs hermes oran sandals

Color Options

Hermes Oran sandals come in over 28 different colors in different fabrics including a beautiful crystal adorned pair versus the Steve Madden Hermes sandals dupes which only come in 8 colors but includes a cute denim, beachy raffia and crystal pair. The photo doesn’t do the sparkly crystal pair justice as they look stunning in the sun and work for both day and night.

steve madden hadyn sandal crystal sparkly hermes oran dupe
Crystal Steve Madden Hadyn slides on sale

The French Sole Alibi sandals only come in 7 colors but only the cognac leather has visible white stitching like Hermes, the rest all have tonal stitching. So for the most similar to Hermes, go for the French Sole Cognac color.

Winner: Hermes

Conclusion | Which is the best Hermes Sandals Dupe

At first glance all of the Hermes sandals dupes look pretty similar until you look closely and really close to the Hermes sandals. Obviously they all have their own names on them but there are also several other main differences between these slip-on sandal styles besides the type of leather used:

  • Hermes sandals have contrast stitching VS Steve Madden Hadyn and Hoku leather flat slide sandals and French Sole sandals which have matching stitching detail to the leather upper. Except for French Sole Alibi sandals in Cognac brown.
  • Hermes Oran sandals and Steve Madden Hadyn sandals both have a slightly square toe VS Hoku and French Sole which are round.
  • Steve Madden Hoku sandals soles are a lot more cushioned along the entire length.
  • The sole on the Hermès sandals is smooth leather vs the synthetic soles with grips on the Steve Madden sandals and smooth rubber sole on the French Sole sandals. I actually prefer the rubber with grips for more traction.
  • The insoles of the Hermes sandals, French Sole Alibi sandals and Steve Madden Hadyn sandals match the uppers VS Hoku sandals which are various shades of cream.
  • Approximate Pricing: Hermes $700, French Sole $150, Hoku $50, Hadyn $60-80.
best hermes sandals dupe comparison review

If you’re looking for a pair of flats to do lots of walking or have wider feet you might like the Hoku slide sandals. I loved them to start with but they’re too wide for me so my feet slip forward. I ended up torn between the French Sole and Steve Madden Hadyn sandals but chose the Hadyn sandals. They fit me better, look more like the Hermes sandals (toe shape and sole) and were almost $100 less than the French Sole Alibi sandals.

So my personal top pick for the best Hermes sandals dupe is the Steve Madden Hadyn sandal.

Splurge or save on authentic or Hermes sandals dupes

If you care more about the designer brand name, luxury leather and streamline classic look of the Hermes oran sandals go for the originals. They also come in over 25 colors and different materials if you want more options.

If you care more about comfort, getting the general vibe and keeping up with the fashion world at a more affordable price the Steve Madden Hadyn, Steve Madden Hoku or French Sole Alibi sandals are a great alternative to these iconic shoes. Especially if you’re planning on doing lots of walking or wearing them to the pool or beach. I’d suggest trying them all on and seeing which you find more comfortable as they look so similar.

I’d be too worried about water damage wearing the real ones around water! You can also reads lots of positive reviews on both Steve Madden and French Sole sandals versus Hermes who doesn’t show reviews on their website. I’ve reviewed the top 5 best Steve Madden slides over here if you didn’t fall in love with these ones.

steve madden sandals white leather hadyn

Other things to consider when deciding between the real deal and Hermes sandals dupe

You can be logical and practical all day long but there are some things you can’t put a price on. Like how things make you feel. I always feel different wearing designer brands than I do cheap brands. They just feel more special and I tend to take much better care of them. The in store shopping experience at designer boutiques is often very different too.

I tend to splurge on logo items, classic or ones where there is nothing similar for less and save on trending pieces. As well as on ones that look more generic that there are good dupes of or that I want to wear around water or sand and don’t want to have to worry about ruining or getting stolen.

Shop the Hermes sandals dupes and designer version

Hermes Oran sandals chic design will always make them a classic pair of shoes. However, if you’re looking for a new pair of sandals without the designer price tag the Steve Madden Hadyn sandals and Steve Madden Hoku sandals are a great dupe that are perfect for the warmer weather and comes in lots of different options of colors and materials.

If you want a more luxe leather, the French Sole Alibi sandal is a great alternative with rave reviews. They come in 7 different colors and are made in Brazil with a lightly padded footbed.

Any of these gorgeous sandals are a great addition to your summer shoe collection for comfort, style and versatility whether you go for the designer brand or luxe for less version. I found my white leather pair on sale at Nordstrom Rack but they’re now sold out.



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