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Hermès Oran sandals review | What you really need to know

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Last Updated on December 5, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Everything you need to know about these celebrity favorite summer flats: pricing, sizing, are they worth it?

Hermes Oran sandals review: they’re of those elegant classic sandals that are perfect for those who love quiet luxury which is the buzz word of the moment. While these Hermès sandals aren’t logo free as they have the giant H cut out on the top, there’s no loud logos or prints. They’re one of those instantly recognizable styles that celebrities and models off duty are always seen in from Helena Christensen to Eva Longoria. So should you buy the real deal or a similar pair of sandals available from lots of other brands? What makes the Hermes oran sandals so special? Are these designer shoes worth the investment? Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic Hermes style of shoes including sizing, pricing, comfort, what color to get and how the celebrities style their Hermès Oran sandals.

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Hermes oran sandals unboxing

The comprehensive Hermès Oran sandals review

In this Hermès Oran sandals review I’m covering everything you need to know about Hermès Oran sandals. Including:

  • The history
  • Prices
  • Are they comfortable
  • How does sizing run
  • Quality
  • Are they worth it
  • Material and Colors
  • Which are better Dior or Hermès sandals?
  • Where to buy them
  • How to style them
  • Splurge or save on a similar style

History of Hermès Oran sandals

Hermés Oran sandals are made in Italy and were designed in 1997 by Pierre Hardy as part of Hermès Year of Africa collection to be a simple flat that any woman could wear with instantly recognizable H cut out on the upper.

The original Hermès oran sandal style is made from box calfskin which is a durable leather than scratches less than a lot of other types of leather such as lambskin. Now there are over 40 designs and different colors including patent, velvet, denim, goatskin, frayed canvas and studded styles. I have my eye on the stunning white rhinestone detail ones.

Why are the Hermès Oran sandals so expensive?

Hermes Oran sandals tend to be more expensive as Hermès is known for it’s high quality materials and construction and yes you’re also paying for the designer name. They’re made in Italy and pay their skilled artisans fair wages. To ensure the quality and consistency of their craftsmen in their workshops they even have a CFA (apprentice training centre): The Hermès school of know-how.

One of Hermès concepts is also sustainability and being able to design and repair pieces so that they can be passed on from generation to generation.

I don’t know if that justifies them being as expensive as they are but it helps to explain some of the reason.

Hermès creates beautiful and functional objects that can be repaired and passed on from generation to generation. The quality of the materials, combined with the exceptional know-how kept alive by its artisans, makes for sustainable creations…


How much do Hermès Oran sandals cost? Pricing

Although these are one of the lower priced Hermès items they’re still a luxury purchase. They just had a price hike so prices now Hermes sandals prices range from about $700 to over $1k (plus taxes if applicable) depending on the material and design.

They do tend to hold their value pretty well if you’re planning on selling them. As long as you care for them and keep the original packaging and receipts. With some styles selling preloved on Fashionphile from $605-1290 which isn’t far off their original price!

hermes oran sandals leather orange

Hermès Oran sandals review: Are Hermès Oran sandals worth it?

This really depends on your budget and how much you’re going to wear them. I always try to base my big purchases on cost per wear. If I wear them couple of times a week for Spring/Summer, I live in Vegas so we have a long Summer, for several years that’s about $3 per wear.

3 x week for 25 weeks for 3 years = 225/660 = $2.93.

Whereas I might buy a pair of sparkly statement shoes and only wear them a few times and they work out over $200 a wear. I know what makes more sense to me! However, at the end of the day sometimes want outweighs logic when it comes to purchasing something we love.

hermes oran sandals review

Are Hermès Oran sandals still in style?

Hermes Oran sandals are a classic style that won’t date! On high ticket items, I always suggest investing in classic styles not trends that will only last a season. They’re a timeless piece that’s been around since 1997 and have really stood the test of time. I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. Especially with quiet luxury being the buzz word of the moment, they’re very much in style.

Hermes Oran size review | How does sizing in the Hermès Oran sandals run?

For the perfect fit try to get to a Hermes boutique to try them on. Most people say this style runs true to size and they come in both full and half sizes. Some people say to size up a half size if you’re in between sizes. I personally find the Hermes Oran size to run a little wide and the upper to be cut a little high.

Hermès oran sandals review womens fashion blogger

Are Hermes sandals comfortable?

In general with, especially with their box leather and goatskin there’s a breaking in period. As the leather can start a little stiff, which doesn’t make them the most comfortable flat sandals at the beginning. However, once the leather softens, they’re super comfortable and great for walking around cities all day. I found them soft from the get go but if in doubt definitely break them in before going on a long walk! They’re also lightweight for packing and have a padded leather insole but no arch support.

What color pair of Hermes Oran sandals should I get

It really depends on what you’e planning on wearing them with, what colors you have most in your closet that you’d wear with them and if you’re trying to coordinate it with your bag. As much as I love the bright colors, if it’s your first pair you can never go wrong with neutrals. Whereas, these are bright orange to go with the Hermès Picotin bag.

White leather is a fresh bright color for Spring/Summer if you can keep them clean. Tan goes with everything and black or gold are both easy to dress up or down. As much as I love white, I know a tan or black pair would be a lot more practical and I don’t own any black summer shoes.

Hermès oran sandals quiet luxury designer shoes

Should I get Dior Dway slides or Hermes Oran sandals?

I have the Dior Dway slides as I got them to go with my Lady Dior bag and I felt the Oran sandals were so knocked off. More about that below and whether to splurge or save. The Dior Dway slides are made of fabric and great for the beach or pool as they’re more of a casual statement slide.

They’re definitely more for logo lovers as they have the large embroidered name across the top. However, they’re not quite as comfy as I’d hoped which is why I was tempted by the Oran slides.

Hermès oran sandals dior dway slides comparison

Whereas the Hermes Oran sandals are generally made of leather and more an everyday flat than for the pool or beach. They’re great for resort wear, I’d just be nervous about getting them wet. They’re more quiet luxury, classic and elegant and probably more comfortable for walking around than the Dior sandals.

If you can afford both and want both, they’re both so different I feel like it’s worth it. It’s a bit like comparing leopard print pumps to nude leather pumps – you’d get wear out of both as you’d style them with different outfits.

A creator, artisan and seller of high-quality objects since 1837, Hermès is an independent, family-owned French house that employs more than 19,700 people worldwide.


Hermes Oran sandals review

I’m covering everything from my first time unboxing the Hermes Oran sandals in their vibrant orange box and dust bag to my thoughts on the shoes and what they look like on.

Having felt them now in person, I was really impressed with the quality which is what you expect from this brand. If you’ve read this blog before you know how much I like calfskin vs lambskin for it’s durability which means these shoes if cared for correctly will hopefully last you a few seasons depending on how much walking you do.


  • The classic style is unlikely to date.
  • Padded insole.
  • Versatile summer sandal that’s easy to dress up or down.
  • Amount of colors and fabrics in the collection.


  • Price.
  • No arch support.
  • Leather is stiff to start with.

Where’s the best place to buy Hermes sandals

To guarantee authenticity and for the largest selection shop directly from a Hermes store. If you’re looking for an older style or to save money, consider pre-loved styles from Fashionphile who also guarantee authenticity.

Shop Hermes sandals

For new arrivals and classic styles shop directly from Hermès website or hermès boutiques. You can find them using their store locator.

These are the best pre loved styles from Fashionphile and a few other luxury online stores. Because they hold their value so well, you really don’t save much buying them pre-loved but you can find some styles that are no longer available in stores.

Hermès Oran sandals review | Splurge or save on Hermes Oran sandals

If the Hermès Oran sandals price tag’s a bit high or you just can’t justify spending that much on a pair of flat sandals when there are so many good similar sandal alternatives. The Steve Madden Hadyn Sandal is about as close a match as you could possibly ask for and they’re under $100. The leather may not feel exactly the same or have the same level of craftsmanship but they still have that chic, minimalistic aesthetic that goes so well with everything.


Celebrities in Hermes Oran sandals

Celebrities have been wearing Hermès Oran sandals since they came out back in the nineties. Celebs have always influenced fashion and these sandals are no different. Celebrities spotted wearing Hermès Oran sandals include Eva Longoria, Helena Christensen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Chiara Feragni, Nicky Hilton, style star Grece Graham and Selling Sunset star Chelsea Lazkani.

What should I style them with

The Hermes Oran sandals are such a versatile summer flat slide sandal that go with pretty much everything from summer dresses, to jeans, shorts, resort wear and everything in between.

You can also get some style inspiration for what to wear them with from them.

  • For a smart-casual look take styling inspiration from Eva Longoria with a midi-length shirt dress and top handle bag.
  • For resort-wear chic copy Helena Christensen’s colorful, loose summer dress look.
  • Alessandra Ambrosio rocked her black Hermes Oran sandals with a cute cream romper which is the perfect casual everyday look. I’d totally wear this style on city breaks.
  • With a tracksuit or loungewear set as seen of Chelsea Lazkani.
  • Take a street style fashion risk and style them with a blazer and shorts set, white tank and ankle socks as seen on Caroline Daur.

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